The New Sprite Editor For Plist Spritesheets

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The New Sprite Editor For Plist Spritesheets

This software overcomes the limitations of the Old Spritesheet Extractor. Now you can use this tool to edit Spritesheets of Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx. FREE TRIAL Demo Video Features: 1: Edit every single sprite in Spritesheet right from the software. 2: Extract all the sprites. 3: Merge Back all sprites at once. 4: Merge Back one sprite at a time within our Software. 5: Open the Sprite you need to edit in Spritesheet. 6: Supports Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx Plist formats. This software can edit our Multiplayer Little Fighters code Plist files. So now its very easy to edit your own hero. No other tool provides better editing than ours. Supports many source codes present on Chupamobile, Envato

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