Endless Quiz with Admin Panel and Firebase Realtime

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Endless Quiz with Admin Panel and Firebase Realtime

Endless Quiz is multi purposed quiz app that comes with 4 types and powerful features.It is developed in Java with Android studio, the admin panel and api is developed with Strapi framework (Koajs and Reactjs).You can easily create quiz games in 4 types such as True/False, Scratch, Multi-Selected and Text-Image formats.You can add unlimited questions to these quizzes and also you can easily convert them to rewarded games. Features: Four Types : True/False, Scratch, Multi selected and Text+Image Easily integrated with Admin Panel Easily integrated with Firebase to holds real time Add/Delete/Update quizzes, rewards, questions, options, etc.. Leader board feature Admob is integrated with Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video In-app p

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